Intelligent transport system research papers

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Intelligent transportation system

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International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research

INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM: Review paper Nitish Kumar Kumar Ankit ( Final year) SCE DEHRADUN International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 8, Issue 12, December ISSN 30 International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 8, Issue 12, December ISSN Intelligent Transport System for road transportation.

Also, this paper research publications and projects goals which are equally important for the objective of this paper because all of them presented novel ideas and interesting functionalities of ITS and Ambient Intelligence in the future world.

Defining Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) One way to define ITS is as a set of information technologies applied to transportation infrastructure and vehicles to improve their performance. Amidst rapid urban development, sustainable transportation solutions are required to meet the increasing demands for mobility whilst mitigating the potentially negative social, economic, and environmental impacts.

Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS) refers to the integration of information and communication technologies with transport infrastructure to improve economic performance, safety, mobility and environmental sustainability for the benefit of all European citizens.

Intelligent transport system research papers
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