Research papers in algebraic graph theory

Yann Ollivier

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List of graph theory topics

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Graph theory is a flourishing discipline containing a body of beautiful and powerful theorems of wide applicability. Its explosive growth in recent years is mainly due to its role as an essential structure underpinning modern applied mathematics – computer science, combinatorial optimization, and operations research in particular – but also to its increasing application in the more applied.

Research in Number Theory is an international, peer-reviewed Hybrid Journal covering the scope of the mathematical disciplines of Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry. The Mission of the Journal is to publish high-quality original articles that make a significant contribution to these research.

Research Interests: Graph Theory. I have worked on problems related to compiler construction that can be modeled as graph-theoretic problems.

Papers that describe this work are listed below: Using Graph Coloring in an Algebraic Compiler Teodor Rus and Sriram V. Pemmaraju, Acta Informatica 34, (). Graphs and Combinatorics is an international journal, which was established in It is devoted to research concerning all aspects of combinatorial mathematics, especially graph theory.

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Algorithms, Graph Theory, and Linear Equa-tions in Laplacian Matrices Cuts in Graphs. A large amount of algorithmic research is devoted to find-ing algorithms for partitioning the vertices and edges of graphs (see [LR99, Algorithms, Graph Theory.

Research papers in algebraic graph theory
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